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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
I havent been following this thread *too* closely but nowhere have I seen you answer the simple question of *why* you started this thread? What were you hoping to get from it?
Incidentally, the OP's occasional use of the word "surprise" reminds me of stuff my dad used to do, surprising people with unannounced visits and on one occasion surprising me with a reunion with a foster kid he and my mom had hosted in the 1970s and whom I didn't recognize because of course we hadn't seen each other since we were children. If this made you feel awkward or uncomfortable, that was just you overreacting and now he was justified in acting like his feelings were being hurt, his generosity rudely rebuffed etc.

It was blatant passive-aggression with a veneer of "but my intentions were good" and one of his less endearing habits, and he wasn't that endearing in general.
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