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Originally Posted by raventhief View Post
For the sake of clarity, I mean in your back yard or something. Not IN the house. But can I put up a tent, maybe camp out there?
Of course not. It the property owner sees you, he or she can eject you. But you will not be arrested (at least in my state) if you did not pass over "No Trespassing" signs or if the property owner has not previously told you to stay out.

In this situation if the police are called, the camper will be served by the police with a notice to stay the hell out and if the camper comes back again, he or she could be arrested.

Same with our OP, although the woman who had her lawn mowed for free seems happy about it, just like I would be.

Originally Posted by Eyebrows 0f Doom View Post
I know. It's so confusing to know how to treat women properly. It's almost like they are real people in different situations.
They are real people in the same situation, but are asking, at least in this thread, to be treated differently. I thought that was bad because in almost every other instance, you may not treat a woman differently lest you be accused of misogyny.

Originally Posted by Helena330 View Post
Who would've thought??

UltraVires, you've proven for months (years?) that this is obviously very difficult for you. The best course of action is to avoid discussing and engaging with women here completely.
This seems to be your answer for most of these things. If you are a man, then just shut up. I don't think that is conducive to reasoned debate and is insulting.

My opinion is more respectful to women in that I give them the benefit of the doubt that even if they find something "creepy" they don't take the next three or four missteps of logic and either shoot the lawnmower or think he is Ted Bundy. You seem to be arguing that only men are capable of being rational in this situation.

If the genders were reversed and I was in that situation (can we say that women are just as likely to mow grass as men?) and I came home to find my grass cut, I would certainly be surprised. If I found out it was a woman from work who did it, I would certainly thank her and tell her it was not necessary and the next step would depend on how well I knew her, what I thought her intentions were, and yes, indeed, I would at least keep a corner of my eye out to ensure that she wasn't a crazy stalker who would kill my wife and cook the pet rabbit for dinner a la Fatal Attraction.

However (and I don't really have a pet rabbit) I wouldn't immediately think that she was crazy and I damned sure wouldn't shoot her if I saw her in the yard with a lawnmower.

There are a hell of a lot of nice people in the world who do nice things for other people, but this new attitude is killing that. Remember all of the old guys that used to pat little girls on the head and give them lollipops? Yeah, that doesn't happen anymore because people now think those guys are child molesters. Just for being nice to a sweet little girl!

So, yeah, keep that look out of the corner of your eye. But don't think that everyone has some malevolent intent. Anymore, if they are mean to you, it's bad, but if they are nice, they are also bad because they are just hiding that mean intent that will surely be next.

And I'm not innocent of it either. I don't think the OP wants to do harm to the lady, but as I said before, I think he is sweet on her. I know I hate mowing my own grass, let alone a co-worker's.