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Alright folks, just one more day for the Great SamuelA Cheeto Banning Challenge 2019! This is the last call for dates that already haven’t been chosen yet. Since I’m posting on a cellphone, and I’m on travel for work (not able to respond), you’ll have to scroll up thread for the contest rules and regulations, as well as the already-chosen dates. Last call (last post) that will be honored must be time stamped by 2359 this evening, Chicago time, to give the hamsters time to rack and stack the selections before the suspension lifting.

Also, I wanted to bump this thread due to the new one that was opened by Jasmine. There’s so much entertaining “duh” from SamuelA, we thought it best to locate all his racism and “science” here lest his stupidity go too viral on an otherwise perfectly-normal conversation message board.

There’s still time to cast your votes!! Winner gets a bag of Cheetos!!

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