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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Did anyone take 9/22 yet? I got a good feeling about that date.
Since the suspension thing looks like it'll be lifted tomorrow, I'll honor this, unless there's any of the other players against it.

Here's the list with Atamasama:
SunnyDaze (8/10 or 11 dependent on privilege restoration);
Oredigger77 (8/13);
Guest Starring: Id! (8/14);
Tripler (8/18);
JohnT (8/21);
TroutMan (8/30);
SlowMovingVehicle (9/4);
Atamasama (9/22).

Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Well, he could've logged in to send a message to TPTB.
Oh, I was under the impression you couldn't do jack squat when you were suspended.

In Soviet Russia, Jack Squat does you!

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