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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
No, but if you promise to stop posting for one entire year, then I think any number of us would be willing to fund a distribution of Cheetos to ALL the contestants just as a matter of principle, the same way we are generally willing to pay money for fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July or other great joyous events. Aside from being spared the constant Samuelsplaining about how technology works, we'd be spared the tales of whoring and brothels. And we still don't understand why you're not spending all your time over at Not Even Wrong or whatever the fuck that grandiloquent gathering of like-minded pompous assholes was called, the place you promised to fuck off to because we're too stupid to appreciate your genius. Or are you persona non grata over there, too?
I'd offer to give Sam Cheetos to leave, but fuck that.