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Here is a recent thread in which I do an excellent job of explaining the silliness of the concept of a Space Corps. Basically, it's a great idea if you want to spend more on military bureaucracy.

Trump has no idea what he's talking about, of course.

ETA: but let's be perfectly clear: space IS militarized already. The core functions of a Space Corps would be exactly identical to the space missions already being carried out by the Air Force: building satellites, launching them, operating them. The types of satellites would also be identical: communications, GPS, weather, missile warning, and maybe a few one-trick ponies. So it is a proposal that is really like proposing a new military service for naval aviation: you want to split the Navy apart for something it is already doing, so that it can continue to do the thing it is now doing? Uh... why? Because the big Navy pays more attention to ships, and your feelings are hurt?

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