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Originally Posted by Kim o the Concrete Jungle View Post
Hence my problem with it. In the pilot movie he actually has a good reason for being grumpy, ranting and raving in some rather entertaining ways. It was all of the how could she have cheated on me and why didn't I see it coming? kind of stuff. He's a sympathetic schlub.

Come the first series, and the wife is completely out of the picture. But hey, the Doc isn't acting like a new divorcee who'd just uprooted his entire life. There's none of the depression, or soul searching, or desperate "what the heck do I do now?" kind of stuff you might expect. He's still just cranky, and a bit of a douche with it. Not insane "my life is falling apart" kind of cranky, like in the pilot, just low-level background assholishness.

It was a complete disconnect.
I never knew about the pilot about the divorce. I think the blood phobia thing is a good substitute; it caused him to give up his raison d'etre and he had to find a new career in a new town. I do think he becomes more Asbergers-y as the series goes on. He's a bit more human in the early episodes - even cracks a smile now and then.

It looks like more Americans are now seeing this series since I first started this thread, which is great. Now there's someone I can talk to about it! There are four seasons (or series), and I think Clunes has indicated they're going to film a fifth. Yay!

We're watching season one again, too, as it's being shown on our local PBS. I really love the Roger Fenn character - he gives as good as he gets when it comes to scenes with Martin.