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Originally Posted by Robot Arm View Post
I was about to say the same thing. I found an episode guide on Wikipedia that gives a bit more detail. It says that a fourth season was planned, but that the show was then canceled after the third season finale was shot.

That's actually how I remember most TV shows being done in that era. There were no storylines spanning multiple episodes; each one had to be self-contained and no matter what happened the characters would end up just about where they started. And it was rare for a show to do a final episode that offered any resolution.
But LiS did have episode-spanning stories. E.g., starting with Season 2 they had to flee their current exploding planet, encountered some odd stuff in space, landed on another planet, etc. Since the show relied on some elements of old movie serials, cliff hangars at the end of episodes did happen, esp. in Season 1.