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Even as a kid, I found Lost in Space embarrassing.

The idea of a "Space Family Robinson" was always a good one. supposedly Scrooge McDuck creator Carl Barks had suggested it a long time ago.

In 1962 Gold Key Comics started a serious adventure comic of that name that was pretty good: Note that this is three years before the TV series Lost in Space. Considering that both feature a family with father, mother, kids (only two) in their own far-traveling space ship, it's hard to believe that the TV series didn't steal from the comic. Fortunately, the comic had no Dr. Smith and no Robot (the family had a couple of pets). After the TV show came out, the publisher didn't want to antagonize the company making the TV series, since they licensed rights to their shows, so they simply added "Lost in Space" to the top of the cover and rode on the free publicity The comic book long outlasted the TV show.

As noted, there was a later "Lost in Space" comic, scripted by Billy Mumy. I bought the first issue, which was awful. I think Billy was fantasizing about his female cio-stars, or imagined his fans were, and played to that.