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Originally Posted by Gbro
I took part in 2 industrial rescue competitions years back. There was a list of knots and hitches that pleased the folks running the event. One of the knots was a double in-line 8, and i struggled with it for a long time and although i learned it then i never mastered it because i can't tie it today(just did,t use it enough). I have searched many times for this knot. Just for old times sake i would like to work with it again.
Do you mean a figure 8 on a bite (as another way of saying it)? I use that to set up my rappel from two anchor points when I'm cleaning my quickdraws off a cliffface. If it's thes same knot, you can Google "figure 8 on a bite" and get instructions for it.

ETA: Like here. Is that the knot you're referring too?

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