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Originally Posted by Gbro
We use the inline 8 as a base knot in setting up a self equalizing anchor system. Like 3 pickets that can hold an equal amount of the load.
Ah, that makes sense.

Originally Posted by Gbro
The double in-line 8 i am asking about was a very impractical knot used to attach a hardware (pulley for example) to a main line. (say one didn't have any prussiks, or Gibbs ). When a in-line 8 is used and a carabiner is clipped in the load is reduced due to the small radius of the beaner. The double in-line was thought to be more beneficial due to sharing the load.
I'm having trouble picturing this. I would ask for a diagram, but if you had one, I suppose we wouldn't be having this discussion.

FWIW, I looked for your double in-line 8 in my ancient climbing safety manual. It came out in 1985 and sometimes has diagrams of knots, rope coils, and belay techniques that are much less "de rigueur" these days. Alas, your knot wasn't to be found.

ETA: Apologies to the OP for the hijacking.

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