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Originally Posted by puddleglum View Post
Three of the Phelp's children work as staff lawyers for the State of Kansas, one with the Juvenile Justice Department and two for the Department of Corrections. They seem to have been there a long time so they are probably pretty well paid.
Phelps has said he made a lot of money when he was a civil rights lawyer, so he may still have some of that.
Specific info, and very much appreciated. Thanks! Phelps must have made millions and millions. As far as I know, the WBC has been on the national scene since the Matthew Shepard case 13 years ago. (I recall a photo in either Newsweek or Life magazine of one of them--IIRC, it was Fred Phelps--holding a sign that said, "Freedom of speech is the right to hate." I put it on my classroom wall as a way of provoking discussion in my social studies classes.) Of course, the Phelps family has grown since then, so expenses wouldn't have been as great in the early years, but you'd think they'd have to spend a fortune on security. Or do they? Is it just luck that they haven't been shot at by some irate mourner?

Man, how would you like to work with these people in the State of Kansas? *shudder*