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Originally Posted by Triskadecamus
A one thousand ounce bar of gold weighs about 68 lbs, and is about ten inches long, and a bit more than three by three inches in cross section, and will cost you in the general neighborhood of a third to a half of a million dollars.
It is almost impossible to pick it up, also. My Dad worked in an Alaskan gold smelting operation prior to WWII, and the boss bet Dad that Dad could pick one of them up without a tool- the boss (likely in jest ) said that if dad could, he could keep it. Dad was very strong for his size, and claimed he almost got it off the ground (note- it was flat on the ground), scaring the crap out of the foreman. Of course, Gold wasn't anywhere near as valuable then, but still that was a huge sum, and like dad said, he was pretty sure the boss was just kidding- but the bragging rights would have been huge.

I have to admit I somewhat doubted Dad's tale, as hell, any guy in decent shape can "clean & jerk" 68 pounds right? Well, the problem is- you can't get your fingers underneath the bar. I found that out because in HS, I worked in a Shipping dept, and we had a full sized anvil to ship. I was pretty damn strong, and could bench well over 200#, but that 55# (or was it 75#?) anvil was impossible to pick up off the floor by putting your fingers under it.

I have handled the smaller gold bars while working as a guard- they are suprisingly heavy. Once you got one up, you could carry it in one hand- I guess they weighed about 25#, so Cisco is probably right. And yoyodyne's story I beleive, too.