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- - - If all four lateral sides slope, then it could be considered a frustrum --a pyramid (of any number of lateral sides) with its top "cut off".
That gets you "Delivered" bullion. Delivered means on deposit at a banking institution that guarantees to hold it for a price, and allows you to sell it again without an assay. Bring your pickup truck to the back door of the bank, and you can lug that sucker on home, but call up in advance, and let them know about your plans, since they won't be expecting you. They will want money for that service....
- So let me get this straight: you order a bar of gold, there's a transportation charge, that I understand. And if you want them to store it for you, there's a storage charge, that too I can see. But if you don't want them to store it, you have to pay more money to get it from them? What a crock of sh!t.