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Here is some published academic research on "THE CAMPAIGNS OF HANNIBAL AND SCIPIO"

Logistics was a constant source of worry for Hannibal. To move and sustain an army
totaling upwards of 100,000 men for 20 years is a feat achieved rarely in human history
and ranks him as a logistical genius. Because it would have been impossible to sustain any
significant amount of provisions from his lines of communication, Hannibal attacked and
captured Roman grain storage and provisioning supplies to outfit his men. The siege of
Saguntum and the capture of Clastidium accomplished just this end. (Polybius, 238) He
stored the majority of this wealth at his Spanish logistical base at New Carthage, where he
also maintained his lines of communication to Carthage via a sizable naval fleet. He used
his new allies throughout Spain and Italy to supply him with replacement troops, goods
and services in return for securing the allies freedom from their enemies. He wintered his
troops, with rare exceptions, where they were safe from attack from the Romans, and
trained his men with weapons captured from defeated enemies. This freedom of
movement was due in part to Rome’s Fabian strategy of harassing but not engaging the
Carthaginian armies. This is a pdf.