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Originally Posted by Cartoonacy View Post
No no no no no... the post said "spaghetti sauce WITH unpreeled shrimp." As an ingredient, not shrimp as the entree with sauce on top. At least, that's how I read it.

And spaghetti sauce with shrimp IS very good. But the kicker is the adjective "unpeeled." I don't mind peeling shrimp myself, but I hate picking them out of my sauce-covered spaghetti to do it.
Apparently some people eat the shells. I have encountered a Chinese dish called Crystal Shrimp where the idea was obviously to eat them with the shell on. (Didn't order that again!)

When I cook with raw shrimp I shell them completely including the tail fins that a lot of people leave on. Except if I'm just boiling them - then it's easier to shell after they're cooked.