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Iím glad a new thread was started and I think that should happen more frequently. No one wants to slog through a 6 page thread.

I am supporting Pete Buttigieg and volunteering for his campaign. I will support the eventual Democratic nominee regardless of who it is.

Iím very active on #ElectionTwitter and Iím well aware it skews younger and more activist. Biden is going to be a very tough pill for many of them to swallow. The Iraq war and Clarence Thomas are really going to hurt Biden with millennials and Generation Z. Of course, the Senate was very different place back during the Thomas hearings and Iím sure Biden was also aware of the racial implications of defeating Thomas. But, in a #MeToo world, he looks damn awkward during those hearings. I just wish the progressive activists would also remember Bidenís fight to keep Bork off the court.

Biden has 3 decades of Senate votes, many of which donít look good under a 2019 microscope. Plus, there will be many Ďvoted for it before I voted against ití type votes.

And, I do realize that many of Bidenís supporters donít live in a Twitter bubble. Tweeting about Elizabeth Warren 20 times a day doesnít give you an extra vote.
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