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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Think of all of the perversions of democracy committed by Mitch McConnell, from 2008 to 2016. All of those things, McConnell only had the power to do, because Joe Biden decided to give him the power. Yes, I know that it's traditional for the President of the Senate to delegate those powers to the Senate Majority Leader. Lots of things are traditional, like the Senate holding votes. But the law is that the President Pro Tem presides over the Senate only when the President of the Senate does not.
So if the Dems win the White House in 2020 the new Veep can wrest control of the Senate from the Talking Turtle? Is that your fervent hope and prayer? I think it'd be pretty cool, if they could get away with it. Hell, all the other norms have been trampled on... why not?

Of course it's all fun and games until America gets its eye poked out when the next Dem-controlled Senate is usurped by the next GOP vice president.