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Originally Posted by What Exit? View Post
The Dem must keep Virginia & Minnesota. Then take states like Penn, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin & Indiana. They should be able to take enough of these back to beat Trump this time. Just Florida & Penn would make the difference, but go after all of these states.
Thinking of Indiana, because I grew up there and probably still understand the politics there better than I do in California, and because it's likely the most difficult of the states you mentioned for the Dems to win in 2020, I think Biden has the best chance there. Or maaaaybe Mayor Pete but there's a Hoosier on the other side (Pence) to cancel out any Native Son effect. Even though Pence wasn't too popular as governor, it's still a Red state. Also Pete may struggle with the black vote there just enough to lose the state. No way Indiana ever goes Blue unless there's a HUGE black turnout especially in Lake and Marion counties. (See: Obama, Barack)

Some of the more moderate guys that've already folded up their tents might have played well in Indiana. But that's milquetoast under the bridge.

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