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Originally Posted by Kable View Post
I apologize, I took you as one of the anti-gunners who only focus on the bad and ignore the good that guns are used for, and I am perhaps a bit oversensitive given the already poisoned title of this thread. As for reading, I've been talking about these articles in some other posts of mine which I think are well done.

Going forward though my counter-offensive plan is to post a good news story for every bad news story I see, and I think with the videos are harder for people to just explain away than are statistics that on this subject nobody seems to trust and don't seem to sway anyone. With a video or 911 transcript my hope is that seeing/hearing is believing.
It would be more impressive if you weren't repeating incidents already.

Plus you're not achieving anywhere close to a 1:1 ratio, even with the fact that you're going back in time to contrast with contemporary reports.