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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
From the "Biden's In" thread:

Clearly both of you gentlemen find the "far left" or "ultra left" to be unacceptably far left.

But you think they've gotten big enough to have "taken over" or to potentially "force Biden to shift from the center." So this isn't just AOC, Ilhan Omar, and one or two others we're talking about.

So who are these people, and what shared policy positions or other shared tendencies make this "far/ultra left" so unacceptable to you folks?
I don't know that there's one set of "shared policy positions" that I'd say describes the "far left". They've got varied interests and don't always agree. But I can give you some examples:

1) The people advocating for reparations for blacks are, IMHO, part of the far left wing of the Democratic Party. It's also a position supported by 26% of Americans, which makes it a pretty sizable portion of the Democratic Party (I don't think there's much of an argument to be made that many of the reparations-advocates are Republicans)

2) Likewise, "Abolish ICE" seems like a far left proposal to me, and yet, it is supported by about a quarter of the population.

3) The people advocating for a ban on civilian handgun ownership are part of the far-Left IMHO. Again, it's a position supported by 28% of the population.

Those obviously aren't all the exact same people. Some of the "abolish ICE" crowd might think handguns are OK, someone who wants to ban handguns might think reparations are nuts, etc. but in general I don't have any difficulty ascribing all three positions a "far left" location on our political spectrum.

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