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Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
“Medicare for all” is the nationalization of the health insurance industry. Dispute?

Yes the far leftists want to nationalize health insurance. If the nationalization of industries is no longer far left, what is?
Nationalizing industries for political reasons, for the sake of government ownership, that's what. Most industries operate best under regulated private ownership. But not all.

Health care coverage is such an appallingly bad fit as the basis for private business that it's amazing that it works at all. It totally doesn't fit the insurance model and virtually all the incentives are wrong for the imperatives of health care. Instituting health care coverage as an essential public service isn't "leftist" (let alone "far left), it's just the most practical and by far most efficient way of doing it. That's not ideology, it's rationality and basic economics. In countries where it's been adopted it's supported by liberal and conservative governments alike.