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Originally Posted by Oakminster View Post
Not really. The loudest and most active part of the Dems at the moment is the lunatic fringe, like AOC and others of her ilk. They do not realize how toxic their radical views are to potential swing voters. Their presence on the ballot, and any success they may have in the primary season, will drag the more reasonable candidates to the left....and probably ensure the Donald's re-election.
You may be right, but I don't blame AOC. In normal, sane political discourse a more extreme individual like AOC will be seen to raise worthwhile and productive discussions. If they make their case well enough, they may even help shift the middle of the road. The problem isn't AOC, the problem is how Republican hysteria grossly misrepresents and vilifies people like her. That's what makes it toxic. Just like Obama himself became toxic to many, on the basis that he was a Kenyan-born Muslim trying to socialize America by introducing a health care plan that would kill your grandmother.