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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
From the "Biden's In" thread:

Clearly both of you gentlemen find the "far left" or "ultra left" to be unacceptably far left.

But you think they've gotten big enough to have "taken over" or to potentially "force Biden to shift from the center." So this isn't just AOC, Ilhan Omar, and one or two others we're talking about.

So who are these people, and what shared policy positions or other shared tendencies make this "far/ultra left" so unacceptable to you folks?
Well, there are layers of question here. If you are asking who is left wing in the Democrats, that is fairly easy...they would be the Progressives and Social democratic and democratic socialist wings. Whether they are 'unacceptable' or not, is, of course, a matter of political viewpoint. But those groups are certainly left wing when measured against the left/right/center of the US, which, frankly, is the only yardstick we should be using. I know that liberals/progressives on this board love to look at other countries and compare and contrast us to the citizens of those other countries, but where they stand is basically meaningless wrt our political system and process. I seriously wish folks would stop making these comparisons as if they are meaningful, when they aren't. I mean, several foreign 'dopers posted in this thread...well, do you measure you political system against the US? Is that a meaningful gauge of, well, anything? How about other you measure your system against Japan? China? Russia? Is it meaningful to do so?? No, of course not. The only folks who matter are your own voting citizens and where THEY stand on the issues.

Anyway, in the US, the progressives and socialist wing of the Dems are left wing in comparison to the US center. Liberals are left of center or, maybe center left these days. Simple as that.

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