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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
Or if you are going to build something it falls in construction which is something I have some experience with.
Rick's fool proof method of finding underground wires, pipes etc:
1. Rent a large, heavy, expensive piece of machinery to dig a trench.
2. Dig said trench.
You will find every damn wire, pipe, hose conduit, sewer line and OG knows what else that is buried there.
3. Pay to repair damages.

Or you might just call a locating service.
This is pretty accurate. In my construction career I witnessed the following (off the top of my head): punched through a storm sewer with a power auger; broke innumerable waterlines; ripped up innumerable secondary power cables; pulled up government benchmark caps; shut down power to a high-security naval magazine area by punching through the main communications cable with an auger. And the trifecta: cut through two 800-pair and one 400-pair telecom cables in one swipe with a backhoe.

Oh, and I witnessed a crane operator "find" an overhead primary cable with his boom, which was pretty spectacular.