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Originally Posted by shiftless View Post
My father-in-law has essential tremors. I never knew there was such a thing as non-essential tremors until now. It sounds so ..... pointless.

The other night I watched him at dinner, his hand bouncing furiously on the table and his head lulled slightly to the side. I was certain he was drumming out some mad tune in his head that the rest of us will never hear.

My condolences to anyone with tremors, it looks exhausting.
It feels pretty pointless, honestly. That's why I make jokes about it. It's just what I do. Or, you could say, 'that's just the way I shake, rattle and roll'.
Mostly, my tremors affect my hands and my feet. Some things definitely make them worse. They used to get horrible during my period. My feet are much more likely to move uncontrollably when they're cold, which is why you'll almost always find me with a pair of socks on once the calendar passes September. I even sleep with socks on. My feet have tremored so severely on occasion that I've woken with pain in my ankles!