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Originally Posted by Demo View Post
FYI: I don't think there is anything called "non-essential" tremors. They're called essential tremors and they generally present under muscle stress unlike a Parkinson-type tremor that presents at rest (though ET and Parkinson's may be related).

A number of people in my family, including myself, have them and they range from pretty mild to severe (my aunt has to wear a bib when she eats). I have them and I start IVs every day, so they're obviously not too bad yet but don't ask me to play a game of Operation after doing some push-ups. :P

My mom's mom had pretty vigorous tremors and we always joked that the neighbors could hear it when Nana got a cup of coffee (because of the clinking of the cup and saucer).

BTW, there's a really great information and support association called the International Essential Tremor Foundation. There are some interesting new treatments available for people who have bad tremors and there's even software for people with hand tremors to help them use a mouse. Don't let tremors keep you from posting to the Dope.
This. I see a neurologist who's a specialist in movement disorders for mine (I found him through the ITF after the tremor I've had since age 10 got bad enough to bother me around age 40). Inderal - 80mg twice a day - is keeping them under control enough for me to function, but I've moved out of hospital nursing. I was never very good at IV starts and venipuncture anyhow, and now the only person I have to give injections to is myself and I don't make myself nervous. :-) Interestingly enough, I don't like using an autoinjector for my Simponi - I'm just too much of a control freak about it.

The condition used to be called 'Benign Essential Tremor', but they removed the word 'benign' on realizing that for many people it affects their functioning enough to be a problem.