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It is kind of a curse when game designers don't properly predict how the OC players will react when new editions come out. Same happened with Rolemaster and Shadowrun when they "simplified" their game systems too. It's the "can't teach old dogs new tricks" rule. Even though the first editions were jalopies, they were OUR jalopies, and we had invested a lot of time getting the best use out of them.

Another GM in our gaming group typically runs Chaosium/Hero Wars campaigns, which emphasize storytelling over mechanics. I try to use storytelling techniques when I run PF, but I find I have to clarify my terms to the crunchers. If I say something like "Parents tell their children that giants stepped on this city and flattened it. The residents rebuilt it, and the giants stepped on it again," one of the crunchers will say "What kind of giants? Giants aren't large enough to step on entire cities." Sigh..."It's a fairy tale, not actually true." They'll start looking up structure statistics and how much damage giants can do with foot attacks. /head meet wall