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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
They don't have any competition from the right, but they have all kinds of competition from the left, and they beat that competition, and have done for years. I don't see how that establishes that there are more liberal than conservative eyeballs.
Because all the "conservative eyeballs" are focused on one network and the "liberal eyeballs" are spread across several, FoxNews has higher ratings. That doesn't disprove the premise about the number of liberal vs conservative eyeballs.

Also it doesn't show that media follow the money. CNN and so forth lean liberal and lose, Fox leans conservative and wins, and thereby makes more money.

If media only followed the money, we would have more conservative media.
Unless of course your underlying premise that there aren't more liberal eyeballs than conservative ones is false, in which case it shows it just fine. After all, while FoxNews has cornered the conservative market there are more than enough "liberal eyeballs" to keep multiple other networks afloat. Conversely, how's The Blaze's television network doing these days?