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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
Last time we found that the cites were old or actually furnished evidence that right wing sourses were lying to you about the numbers and then about the real reasons why nuclear plants in the USA are shutting down.
If you think the UN report of the number of deaths from radiation in Fukushima is a right-wing source, or is lying, there is no hope.
Well, as it was done more than 2 times in a previous thread, we will have to disregard your point because it once again ignores that your own cites reported on the advances made in wind power, and they pointed 7 years ago that battery advances that were needed to change the equation and that is getting there nowadays.
Shodan's Law is: If they didn't read it the first time, they won't read it the second time.

Shodan's Corollary is: Cites, either.

Like I said, we aren't going to do anything effective about global warming. My cite? See above.


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