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Except you haven't solved the key issue, that being that both wind and solar are variable while our requirements are for steady power 24/7/365. So, you are still going to need something to do that and to fill in the gaps and maintain the load. Which, if you are discounting nuclear, means fossil fuels. As long as you and everyone accepts that this is the reality, then sure...we should be building wind and solar. I think you are handwaving away some of the costs, as there is maintenance on both systems that will be ongoing, and with solar there is degradation of the panels over time and with wind there is degradation of the turbines, both systems will need constant maintenance and down cycles, and solar is pretty land intensive whether we are talking a distributive system or a central one. But none of that is's just more than you are portraying it to be in your apples to orangutans comparison between wind/solar and nuclear. There really is no comparison at this time because of what I said in the first, that's where you need to put your mad engineering skills, not to the back end. Until and unless that changes, nuclear can only be compared to the fossil fuel power generation systems, because only they can meet the requirement. Maybe down the line Tesla or someone else will be able to provide city scale battery systems that can keep an entire city running 24/7/365 with stored energy from wind and solar, but that doesn't exist today and isn't likely to do so for decades if not longer wrt scaling it to every city and town and community even in the US, let alone world wide. When you see LA, say, or New York or London with such a system then you can say we might be 10 years or so away from such a system.

Hopefully we'll have that sort of time to give into this irrational fear of nuclear and play along hoping for technical solutions to make wind and solar meet our critical needs. We shall see. And with that, I think I'm out of here unless something new or interesting pops up. Ado.

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