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Remember, robotic workers do not make nuclear cheap or easy - they don't remove the need for government inspections or vast piles of paperwork or planning. Or very complex engineering work to design reactors.

While solar installations and battery installations in particular can be made very cost effective with robotics. The very linear rows of panels or battery packs make it easy for a robotic system to roll up and down the rows. The modular nature of each panel, inverter pack, or battery box means that modular maintenance is possible. Government inspections are much cheaper - for a given site, if the government approves N panels using a particular solution, N+1 is just a rubber stamp. (the automated system doesn't diagnose like a human technician does - each node is self-diagnosing and also able to diagnose faults in neighboring nodes. For example, a breaker box node can tell a connected inverter node is faulty because no current is flowing from it. Once a fault is identified, a robot just goes and yanks the entire faulty module for recycling/refurbishment by other robots in a facility elsewhere)