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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove
Personally, I think the argument is over: renewables have won already. We aren't getting more coal plants, and we aren't getting more nuclear plants. Natural gas will survive for a while but it'll lose the cost war against renewables.
Seriously, what do you base this on?? We ARE getting more coal plants...China is building gobs of the things, and so are many other countries. Natural gas will 'survive'?? It's expanding and nothing is looking to be able to replace it. Renewables have 'won'?? Based on what? I just don't know where some of you guys get this stuff from. Renewables have certainly expanded their deployment footprint, and percentage of the overall production, but not by enough to say they have 'won' anything. And they won't, either, until the fundamental issue of the intermittent nature is solved. And it's not going to be as simple as 'well, we'll just build them all across the country and ship power wherever we want', because it doesn't work that way.

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