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Originally Posted by Sam Stone View Post
I honestly think the biggest problem with a plan like this is that the left doesn't want it because it doesn't represent the kind of big societal changes they are trying to implement under the guise of global warming. It doesn't require fundamentally rejecting Capitalism, or lower income inequality, or empower much bigger government.
And there it is. We can't have a sensible green energy plan because the commies were hoping to use it to take over.

In fact, only one party is letting ideology trump reality, and it's the one that continues to deny climate change.

The current state of affairs is essentially already as you describe: phase out coal, build out renewables as fast as we can, and build natural gas plants to take the slack. As time goes on, renewables will take over natural gas too, but in the meantime every watt of coal generation converted to natural gas is a net win. And this is all in spite of the people trying to make coal great again. Imagine how much progress we'd make if it weren't for them.