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Originally Posted by Sam Stone View Post
IF we can't fix climate change until we fix the 'racial wealth gap', be prepared for fixing climate change approximately never.
The right is absolutely obsessed with AOC. I live deep in liberal land, with the only right-wingers I encounter regularly being my family, and it's only the right that brings her up.

When I talk climate change with Bay Area types, it's about the science, economics, and technology. We need to get from here to there with a set of tools that are improving over time. The disagreements come from our weighting and confidence in those factors, not whether they uphold some kind of left-wing ideological agenda. The Green New Deal never enters into it.

Originally Posted by Sam Stone View Post
Imagine how much progress we'd make if we were building nuclear plants at the same rate we did from 1970 to 1990, when about 370 new nuclear plants came online.
The left deserves much blame for stopping that buildout. But inevitable economic factors would have come up no matter what.

In case it's not clear, I wish that nuclear had fulfilled its cost promises. But wishful thinking rarely achieves much. Maybe future generation reactors like LFTR will bring a resurgence in nuclear by massively increasing the safety margins. Until then, we should be focusing on renewables.

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