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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
Mueller is a 75 year old man. If he was a football player they'd call him Porcelain.

Seriously people, use facts when constructing your elaborate fantasies!
He got cowed by a bully patriarchy, and his own internalized version of it? That is not elaborate, nor a fantasy.

Only one poster said Mueller was dirty. But more have just said that he dropped the ball on democracy, by our lights, and it would be fair to say so out loud, in the aim of getting to justice.

So go for it. Lay out how it would go if rm demanded an interview. Would dt fire him? Would it go to the scotus? If people are retarded for having a divergent view from yourself, on a matter of historical speculation, then don't you need to lay it out? You are the one who knows ("excitedly", in fact) not us.

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