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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
Oh, I fear you have missed my point completely.

I'm not conflating Ukraine with Russia. My point is that Trump was already well on his way to engaging in new criminal behavior with Ukraine long before Mueller had even concluded his report on Trump's past criminal behavior with Russia, and before any other result from Mueller's report occurred. For this reason, to attribute Trump being emboldened by Mueller's ultimate performance is idiotic.

And you attribute all of the above to Mueller, nothing to do with Barr? Ok, then. That is where you and I will forever disagree. And I don't think it's me who is confused.
Barr is discrete from dt? How?

You don't get how dt could be emboldened by things that happen in his world? (He does that like a dog sniffs shit for christs sake)

Because dt was already engaged in corruption he exists in a steady state of it, where he is never emboldened by any event affecting him, but exists in a permaboldened state?

Your description of yourself is boldened above.

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