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Ok, I give up: What is with the tension between "FYR" Macedonia and Greece Proper?

Ok, I give up: There have been very emotional mass protests in the recent past by Greeks who protest against the new country of Macedonia (or FYROM, it's capital at Skopjye).

The issue seems to be because of the name Macedonia is also connected to a Greek province.

But why is it a big issue? Is Paris France upset that we have a Paris, Texas? Is Hamas angry that we have a Palestine, Texas as well? Mexico angry because we have a 'New Mexico'? (Ok maybe about the Mexican-American war, but not the name itself)

And why are the Macedonian (FYROM) people Slavic? At least they speak a Slavic language. What relation do Slavs have with Macedon? Why would they want a Greek name? And why do Greeks care that much? (A little care I understand, but not as much as I've seen).

The Wikipedia articles explain some of the conflict, but I still don't get it.