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Originally Posted by Kyla View Post
When Macedonians and Bulgarians say that they are Macedonians, the Greeks get annoyed because they believe that their culture is being misappropriated by Slavs. That is the essence of the issue.

And yes, he majority of citizens of the FYROM are Slavs - there is also a large Albanian minority.
All made more interesting in that many northern Greeks are no doubt descended from Hellenized Slavs and likely more than a few Slavic Macedonians are descended from Slavicized Greeks. Pretty much the entire area of Macedonia and Thessaly ( minus well-fortified Thessalonica and few other coastal sites ) was overrun and settled by Slavic tribes starting as early as the late 500s, certainly by the early 600s. Macedonia in general ( both the modern Slavic and Greek parts ) would not have reverted to Byzantine Greek control until after 1018 when Bulgaria was conquered. Bulgaria itself only expanded to exercise a loose suzerainty over that region in mid-800s, though it is commonly thought that the Slavic tribes in Bulgaria proper and those that quite independently penetrated modern Greece had a common linguistic origin, associated with the Antes.

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