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Also you have to remember Bugarian and Macedonian are basically the same language. Bulgarians considered the Macedonians to be Bulgarians. Before WWI the Serbians referred to them as South Serbs.

You also have claims that Montenigrins are actually Serbs. My mother is from what is now Croatia and my father from what is now Serbia, they spoke the same language which is now called Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenigrin.

The real problem with the area is it IS such a mixture of people. There's no clear cut divisions. For example in Romania right in the middle of the country is a huge area of Hungarians. It would make sense to put these people in Hungary. But there's no way to do it and keep a contiguous area, 'cause then you'd have a whole bunch of Romanians in Hungary.

Back the OP questions, the Macedonians will say they are Greeks who were "Slavisized" over the years. The Greeks maintain this was never the case.

In additon to concepts of Greater Serbia, there is a movement for Greater Bulgaria, Greater Croatia and Greater Albania, all seeking to put as many of the nationalities under one flag as possible.

Indeed the forced population movements of WWII, solved the problem where 1/3 of Poland was actually Germany and huge areas of Finland are now in Russia. Since the populations were moved there's no huge call to get those lands returned. Not to say forced populations is a good thing, it causes huge suffering.