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Originally Posted by Aeschines View Post
I'm interested in hearing why Fox is worse, however, by those that believe it is.
Because it's an openly conservative network (I regard their slogan as trolling rather than Orwellian, if that helps) that makes no effect at objective journalism beyond that
catchphrase. The other networks save MSNBC do make that effort, however they may botch it on a regular basis.
Originally Posted by Ibn Warraq View Post
It's certainly quite accurate to regard Fox News as a "conservative network" but I often think it would be better to see it as a populist, tabloidy network.
It is in some respects. But it's also openly politically conservative and it's not hard to find examples of Fox News giving stories a conservative slant. I recall its outrage in reporting that most poor families in the U.S. have a refrigerator, for instance.

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