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Are you saying that you wouldn't trust a bunch of rapists rapers and murderers in your house!?

I'll wimp out be safe with a book spoiler tag even though I don't think we're doing that:
In the book, several of them had been planning a mutiny for some time. It was supposed to go off earlier, then Others/White Walkers happened. At Craster's it was more opportunistic. I don't know if it was a good explanation, but maybe he just figured nobody's tried anything before?

TV: I did not like that the guy who started the mutiny was a character (I don't remember) seeing before. We see Rast being a jerk the whole time, but it's this other guy (search suggests it in his hoarse voice. A search suggests he is "Karl" and first appeared S3E3, and only again so far in the next episode, but he definitely wasn't there from the beginning like others.

Also, I understand that they wanted to hide Ramsay, and were giving us as much info as everyone else in Westeros knows (assumed that Theon burned Winterfell), but that whole transition was especially since they took awhile to resolve it.