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I'm neutral about the single omnibus thread idea, but appreciate the discussion (but that has more to do with the functionality of the board's setup here and being kinda unwieldy).

"even if a full and fair and complete investigation in the Ferguson case were to find that the officer did not violate any police regulation and did not violate the law..."

Weel (think broad Scots accent), these to things are incompatible: it cannot be a full and fair and complete investigation and find out the officer didn't violate any departmental regulation. There's no evidence thus far to indicate he didn't violate the law to at best a criminally negligent degree. Of course, if the accused were not a police officer but some other party who had a right to confront kid about being in the middle of the street -- or about taking X smoking materials from the convenience store and giving the intimidating stink eye and step toward the manager who tried to lock the doorknuckleheaded motherfucker that he was)(but remember that the cop evidently didn't know about that incident as of when he told the kids to get out of the street), -- the prosecutor wouldn't spend weeks and weeks/months on a grand jury investigation and indictment. The not-ham-sandwich equivalent individual would've been facing charges within a matter of days.

The process of indicting law enforcement for anything (and they almost invariably are declared not guilty of criminal charges, regardless of the overwhelming evidence) is a very scary thing to the institutional organisms whose sole purpose is to survive and thrive. The sad thing is that we are supposed to be grateful that any of them are EVER prosecuted ... that they have something less than absolute (judicial and prosecutorial level) immunity.