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Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
. . . as a practical matter, most humans are pretty bad shots even under controlled calm conditions, let alone in a high-stress spur of the moment situation. . . . Another random one that comes to mine are the two cops that shot nine innocent bystanders in NYC a couple of years ago.
There may have been only a couple of missed shots since at least some of the injuries were from ricochets.

- Happened in front of the Empire State Building. Cops were entirely correct in shooting a murderer who was also trying to kill them. In the crowded conditions of 5th Avenue and 34th Street, a miss probably would hit a vehicle, a brick or stone building, or a person, if not all three.

I believe none of the innocents injured receive life threatening wounds.

And then there was the Sean Bell shooting. Four cops shot 100 times into a car. They were all standing within (probably less than) 30 feet of the vehicle, yet 50 of the shots missed the auto entirely. One of the strays hit the LIRR railroad station a half mile away.