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Our MotW: Lucky Them with Toni Collette. She's a semi-washed up writer for a Seattle music magazine (headed up by the ever-present Oliver Platt) who is assigned to find out what happened to ex-rocker idol/boyfriend who disappeared 10 years earlier. Her personal issues, mainly having a thing for musicians, keep getting in the way.

Along the way, she encounters Thomas Haden Church as a rich, clueless doofus. Seemingly the blandest secondary character you'll ever see, but Church pulls off a really good non-transformation transformation. While still staying clueless, etc., for the most part, he really adds a major reflecting board to the movie.

Really funny at times. I started wishing that the whole movie had the same level of humor, but that's not the main mood of the movie. Some darker stuff is required. I mean, she has seahorses named Kurt and Courtney and one of them dies. Very grim, right?

Note to filmmakers: Yes, you can pull off a really "Wow, I can't believe ..." thing. But then the audience is taken out of the movie and isn't paying attention so much anymore. Cool, sure. But very distracting.

Still a pretty good film. Well made, edited, etc. Very good acting. Plus lots of shots of Seattle and environs. (But doesn't explain why NYFilm keeps getting involved in things set in the PNW.)

This week's amazingly small use of an Oscar winner had Joanne Woodward doing a small voice thing. She was also a producer and the project is a Paul Newman foundation related thing.