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I feel like SK was completely self indulgent in this episode when it came to her commentary on Jay. Nothing of any worth was revealed and all she did was do a human interest story on him. No facts. No discovery.

I realize she has to fill the time slot with something and it didn't help her at all that Jay refused a recorded or even detailed interview. But her "feelings"and impressions of Jay, and those of her assistant, 15 years after the fact are completely irrelevant. As were the stories shared by Jay's friends, 15 years down the road. Utterly worthless to the facts of the case and whether or not Adnan or Jay or both is/are the killer(s). And of course you would lie about murder. If there is anything you would ever lie about, it would be about having commited murder.

Now, what the ex-cop detective said was much more insightful, i.e. cops want to build a case and they are not inclined to work very hard to tear down their only material witness if it will lead to something inconclusive. Cops want closure. They want to solutions neatly wrapped up with a bow, if they can get them.