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Originally Posted by Martian Bigfoot View Post
Interestingly, the latest episode gave us yet another early version of Jay's narrative, where the murder was supposed to have happened in the library parking lot, not at Best Buy. I'm not sure if that's a realistic scenario, as I imagine that there would have been a lot of people around the library and the school during that time. In some ways it would make more sense, though. For one thing, the meeting with Asia would no longer be an alibi.
If this is true, the one possible scenario is that Adnan did it, at the library, and he told his lawyer the truth about it.

That would explain both why the lawyer didn't contact Asia (because her "alibi" actually put him at the scene of the crime) and why Adnan didn't take the stand in his defense (because an ethical lawyer would not put her client on the stand if she believed he was going to lie).

A perfect lawyer would probably have gone back to Asia after the police constructed a narrative where the murder took place at Best Buy, but it's a totally human mistake to mentally file her testimony as "not helpful" because it puts her client at the site of the murder and then not revisit that conclusion even when it becomes helpful to disprove the incorrect narrative from the police.