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There's another thing I've been thinking about: I may have been listening to the podcast so many times that I'm starting to see patterns in clouds, but there's something about the things Adnan says. The specificity of what he's denying. I don't think I've heard him say, plain and simple, "I didn't kill her". He says "I had no reason to kill her." He says Jay's story isn't true. He says that it would be impossible to commit the crime in the way the prosecution claims. "Look at what they're saying. They're saying it's not a crime of passion. Not that me and Hae got in a fight, and boom, this happened. They're saying I plotted and planned." "You don't know me, Koenig. I want to shoot myself when I hear someone say that 'you're a nice guy'. I'd rather have someone say, Adnan, you're a crazy bastard, and you should stay in there for the rest of your life, but I looked at your case, and something's not right. Something's a bit off."

It's almost like someone trying to get off on a technicality. Like he's saying: "I'm not guilty of the murder I was convicted of", rather than "I'm not guilty of murder". More like "it didn't happen like that", instead of "it didn't happen at all".

It's almost like truth is leaking out in places. I don't know, though. I'm probably just imagining things.