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Thought I had done this one:

A week+ ago we saw St. Vincent. The best movie we've seen in a while. Highly recommend it. Unrealistic as can be, of course. But no one wants to see a realistic movie, right? "Joe got up, went to the can, ate eggs for breakfast, got dressed, drove into work, ..." Reality is boring.

Murray gives a really good performance. Almost at the level of Lost in Translation.

McCarthy actually shows she can act. If only she did stuff like this instead of Tammy, The Heat, Identity Thief, etc.

Then for at-home MotW Saturday we watched A Most Wanted Man. German counter-terrorism folks vs. possibly terrorist supporting Muslims.

Weird to see Americans (and a Canadian) doing German accents in a present day movie. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Willem Dafoe and Rachel McAdams. Also Robin Wright, but she's playing an American.

Over 2 hours long and it shows. Too many long drawn out shots and scenes. So much could have been pruned and made it into a better movie. Just barely an okay movie as is.

Hoffman is tired, beaten down, etc. I don't think he was acting that way all that much.

McAdams is the one to watch. This is not the girl from the Notebook or Mean Girls. She is lost in her role. Top notch performance.

Moral ambiguity is always a difficult topic.

I didn't expect the ending. Maybe I should have. I like being surprised a bit here and there in a movie. As long as it's reasonable. Having a Fist of God change something at a key point just to have the next thing happen isn't the same thing.