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Watched "Under the Skin" on Amazon video for free today while doing some work on my wife's computer. God, it sucked. I mean, suuuuucked. Not even naked Scarlett Johansen could make up for how bad this movie was. She would have had to do CONSIDERABLY more than nudity to make up for it, like

an extended, well lit scene of hardcore lesbian double dildo bondage with Jessica Alba squirming on the other end of the dildo
and that probably wouldn't have done the trick, either. It's like the director was trying to come up with a way to punish audience members for wanting to see Johansen naked. A lot of the movie was shot in lighting so dim you could barely make out what was going on. The characters spend a lot of time staring at one another in silence. Well, I guess that's European art films for ya. When they go bad, they go WAAAAAAAAAAYYY bad. "Manos Hand of Fate" bad. (Actually, "Manos" was not nearly as dull as "Under the Skin."

Do NOT pay money to watch this film, ever. Do not sit and watch it with your full attention if you get to see it for free. In the first case, you will be financially impoverished. In the second, mentally impoverished.

When I finished what I was doing I quit the movie. Might have had a great second half, but I don't know, don't care. Geesh.

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